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Taco Bout a Quick Dinner: Easy Taco Salad Throwdown

Taco bowls might be the champions of the meal prep world!  They're the ultimate choose-your-own-adventure situation, where every bite is a flavor fiesta.   You can switch up the protein from ground beef to sizzling steak or succulent chicken. Pile on the veggies – from vibrant bell peppers to refreshing pico de gallo, the possibilities are endless!  Don't forget the creamy coolness of avocado, the tang of salsa, or a dollop of Greek yogurt as a sour cream sub – the topping combinations are limitless!  Here's how I create taco salad bowls for my family:

~White rice (I cook this in the InstaPot!)

~Black beans, drained and heated

~Shredded carrots ~Lean ground turkey with taco seasoning

~Mexican shredded cheese (I usually buy the light version!)



⁣Grab a bowl and add ingredients in any delicious order you'd like!

vegetables on a plate and cutting board

Other additions or substitutes:⁣

~Use brown rice, Mexican rice, or caulirice⁣

~Use pinto beans or refried beans⁣ (these are my absolute fav!)

~Add in fajita veggies if you want⁣

~ Sub one serving of light queso for shredded cheese (there are dairy free versions of this as well!)⁣

~Use ground beef, ground chicken, or grilled chicken in place of ground turkey⁣ (here's my taco seasoning) recipe-you gotta try it!

~Add pickled jalapeños, guac, sliced avocado, pico, or even sour cream or FF Greek yogurt to the top! ⁣

vegetables, meat and cheese in white bowl

Dig in and enjoy your delicious, customizable taco salad!

Nutrition: This is going to depend on all of your ingredients and measurements, but I recommend downloading cronometer to your phone and inputting your ingredients to see where your meal falls in terms of your nutrition.


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