Client Testimonials


Tyler M.

After finishing my days as a college baseball player, I spent the next 10 years spinning my wheels in the gym. There were fitness plans that worked better than others, but it wasn’t until Erin helped me with my nutrition that I really started seeing a difference. I still remember her first words to me about it all, “Nutrition is 80% of the game!” That’s probably something everyone needs to hear once they hit the 30 years old!  After helping me structure a personalized nutrition plan that fit my goals, I immediately saw the difference. I stuck to the plan religiously, she held me accountable, and over the next 3 months I dropped 25lbs and 15% body fat. I am in the best shape of my life and because of that I’m getting more out of life. I feel a renewed sense of energy and mental acuity throughout the day. I have a more positive and confident approach to every day. I’m making gains in the gym. Honestly, the only problem is my jeans are too big now! I recommend Erin without any hesitation. She’s committed, personal, smart, flexible, and always willing to speak the last 10%.

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The best investment I've ever made in myself


When I first started working with Erin my focus was just on losing some weight. I wanted to get back down to a number I had in mind. However, over the course of our seven months working together, I did so much more than just drop some pounds. Erin constantly pushed me to evaluate my goals and the roadblocks to them. In working with her I learned how to adjust my behavior and make better choices in challenging situations, like when traveling for work or spending extended time out of town for the holidays. Erin's pragmatic approach and strong focus on keeping things simple helped to get me past hurdles I hadn't been able to clear before. Oftentimes, my monthly goals weren't weight associated at all, but rather focused on water intake and sleep. Finally, towards the end of our time together, my goals were nutrient focused (fiber, calcium, iron) because I had developed such great habits from the foundation she helped me build. Investing in myself like this, both with money and time, was truly the best decision I have made in a long time. The pressures and stress of having a family and a busy career required me to be extremely focused. I am just so thankful I started when I did...the time will pass one way or another. You'll either move forward toward your goals or not.

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Six months ago, I saw a post from Erin with this sentence ‘Exercise alone is not a long term solution for weight loss.’ I realized then that I needed to address my current lifestyle. Our family was active but my workouts were inconsistent and my love for sweets had dominated my diet. I messaged Erin and asked if she was open to being my accountability/lifestyle coach and this began my journey with her as my coach. In those six months, Erin created a detailed plan that focused on my long term goal of living a sustainable healthy lifestyle. Was it easy? Sometimes yes and sometimes no, but I can say with confidence that my food choices and workouts come naturally now. She helped me form healthy habits that worked for me and my family, and she did it focused on my personal goals. Thank you, Erin! You changed my path!”⁣


Sam B.

I was referred to Erin by a friend of mine after we had a discussion on nutrition.  When I initially met with Erin I was surprised of how unhealthy I was eating. Erin not only detailed an extensive nutritional plan for me but also explained the importance of exercise with nutrition.

With Erin's help and guidance I have lost 35 pounds. I have maintained my weight loss since by following Erin’s nutritional plan.

Erin lays out the facts of good nutrition and motivates success through encouragement and follow up.  Her approach is easy to follow and she is always available for consultation or questions.  I have a family member who started with Erin after the birth of her first child who has experienced much of the same success I have.  I have another family I am encouraging to work with Erin to change his life style of nutrition to ensure a life time of health. I would recommend Erin to anyone who realizes the need to eat healthier and willing to make the commitment to a more fit lifestyle.


Dr. Scott C.

Erin started helping me with my nutrition when I was eating a paleo-ish diet and was making gains at the gym but didn’t feel like my physical appearance reflected all the exercise I was doing.  I went to Erin with this issue, and we discussed many possible issues including my food choices, stress levels, and my sleep schedule. As a physician and parent, I rarely get 8 hours of sleep, and we both agreed this would be an unavoidable hindrance to my goals.  We then discussed several diet and exercise options, and we came up with a plan that would work for my lifestyle and help me reach my goals. Though I didn’t have a lot of excess body fat to lose, I shed 2% body fat while maintaining my strength which was very important to me.  I definitely look better in the mirror, but the main benefit I have from this Erin-guided odyssey is how much better I feel both in and out of the gym.

Erin is a true student of nutrition and fitness.  She is constantly studying the subjects. Recommendations she makes are so useful because not only are they evidence based, but also because she has tried many of them herself and can give a first hand description of what to expect.  She also realizes that nutrition and fitness are not exact sciences, are long term solutions and not quick fixes, and require individual tailoring for each athlete.  Once she prescribed my regimen, she and I discussed my successes, progress, and failures going forward, and she adjusted my regimen accordingly.  I highly recommend working with Erin to achieve any athlete’s performance and/or aesthetic goals.



I grew up an athlete always moving my body and feeling mostly comfortable in my skin, however, as I have gotten older it’s taken years to build good habits. I reached out to Erin in order to grow my confidence, filter out what information I had googled was important, and get that rock solid accountability. I knew I wanted to start a family soon and the thought of being heavier than my original weight was terrifying. I was already uncomfortable in my body and I didn’t want it to grow a life before working on myself. After working with Erin, I can confidently say I have a new understand of what consistency is and how to feel comfortable in my skin. I understand that all of the little habits add up, just like the little cheats can hurt. I’ve learned balance, found creativity in food through her amazing meal prep, and now I feel prepared to keep my body healthy through pregnancy (one day!) and the recovery after.

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Brittany H.

Weight loss blah, down four pants sizes blah, delicious new recipes blah! Now, let me tell you the GOOD stuff!


Don't get me wrong, the goal was to lose weight and I did. But that wasn't the best part. The best thing about working with Erin was learning a new mindset about eating, perseverance, self worth and breaking out of the "fast food" cycle of everyday life. The knowledge and insight I gained outweighs the weight I lost. Her wisdom helped me GROW into who I wanted to be - instead of trudging through life "who I was."


Losing weight starts in the mind. Once I learned *how to take care of my body and take control of my health - my entire life changed. And so did my mental and physical well-being. 


It's a commitment, but Erin shows up every day to remind you that you can do hard things with tons of encouragement, facts, strategies, and kindness. 


Erin is. Life. Changing. I will never forget to remember me again. 


Than you Erin. I am forever grateful. 


Dr. Christopher S.

I’ve been formally working with Coach Erin for 3 months now. I’ve been paying attention to my food intake every day since Coach has helped me understand how I can fuel my body and mind for maximum performance.

  • 3 months ago I weighed 227 lbs and had a 44″ hips, 34″ waist, and 37″ chest.

  • Now I weigh 206, 41″ hips, 31″ waist, and 41″ chest.  


The best part? I feel better. I don’t feel there are things I can’t eat. I don’t have cravings.

Her coaching has been simple, easy to understand, and easy to follow. Plus her website and emails have helped me and my family have delicious healthy meals that we enjoy making together. I can’t thank her enough for helping me make these changes not just in my body but my life.


I would also mention I’ve appreciated her comprehensive approach to my plan. She has been able to recommend several apps to help track my progress, including my fitness pal , HRV monitoring, and meditation apps. Each of these has served a purpose over the last three months to help me along and illustrates that Coach Erin understands the secret to body composition and performance is hormone optimization. That process requires careful integration of diet, activity, rest, and stress management and she will help you navigate your own path! Thank you Coach for helping me!  


Jenna B. 

Working with Erin has literally changed my entire perspective on food and how to eat and live life in a healthy fashion. After having kids, I struggled to lose or maintain a healthy weight, due in part to bad eating habits and over-indulging in sweets as a means to keep my energy up throughout the day, and the general busyness that comes with raising a family. I was nervous to work with anyone because I had a long history of trying a diet, doing ok, getting frustrating, and then quitting. From the start, Erin took to the time to understand my challenges and set up small, attainable steps for me to follow. Along the way, she helped me begin to see how simple switches in my everyday meals can make a big difference. My job and family have me traveling quite a bit and Erin has been incredible about helping me learn how to identify healthy options and how to find balance when I don't always have control over meals. She's also provided so much support and feedback when I was finally cleared to begin working out again. But even more important than all those items, Erin has been an incredible support for me - cheering me on when progress is happening and helping me see the progress she sees when I felt like nothing was happening. Working with her has been such a huge blessing and I would encourage anyone who's on the fence to commit! I still have a long way to go to meet my goals, but Erin has helped me build a foundation that gives me the confidence to know I can get there!