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Ditch the Bland! Essential Tips and Tricks for a Delicious Salad


Raise your hand if you ever thought salads were just a sad bowl of limp lettuce, a lonely under-ripe tomato wedge, and three pieces of cucumber drowning in greasy ranch dressing.  

Yeah, pass on that.

If that were the case salads WOULD BE gross! You're in luck though...those days are officially OVER! Forget the flavorless rabbit food of the past. Today we can transform your salad game from blech to BRILLIANT!

salad on plate on wooden table

 I'm gonna be honest here...if you don't like salads, you're doing it wrong.

A well-crafted salad is a nutritional powerhouse! So many nutrients in one bowl and it'll fuel you, keep you satisfied for hours, and (oh yeah), actually TASTE AMAZING! The key is to ditch the boring and embrace the bold!

That's where the art of crafting a beautiful (and delicious!) salad comes in, and I am going to teach you my ways! The best news? You don't have to know how to cook or have any special skills-just have some ingredients on hand and build away!

salad in bowl

Here are my golden rules for crafting a masterpiece in a bowl:

Green Glorious Greens:

Start with a solid base of at least 2 ounces of your favorite greens. Chop them or tear them up nice and small – this helps with digestion and lets you pack in more nutrients. Don’t be afraid to mix it up! Explore kale, cabbage, romaine, arugula, spinach or even a blend of a few! Whatever you like here.

Rainbow Veggie Explosion

Salads are a blank canvas for veggie creativity! Aim for at least 5 different colors and textures. Think shredded carrots, pickled goodies for a tangy twist, grilled veggies for a different texture, peppers for sweetness, artichokes for heartiness… the possibilities are endless! 1-2oz of each of your fav veggies is a great place to start! If you don't like it-no sweat, don't put it in there but I am sure we can come up with at least a handful of veggies you like.

vegetables in bowls on table

Protein Powerhouse

Don’t let your salad be a wimpy wallflower! Add at least 3-4 ounces of cooked protein. These days there are so many precooked options available that are awesome, or you can grill your own!

What do you not want? Flavorless protein.

Think marinated or flavorful lean cuts like chicken thighs, flank steak, or even crisped up chicken sausages can be a great option! Leftover taco meat, turkey pepperoni, anything goes that sounds good! Here's my favorite awesome marinade to grill my protein up with. Feeling cheesy? Go for a sprinkle, but remember – portion control is key! With cheeses I like to stick to feta and goat because you get a lot of flavor with just .5-1 ounce of cheese but you do you.

Crunch Time

Texture is everything! Add some delightful crunch with sunflower seeds, sliced almonds, pecan or walnut pieces, a few croutons or onion straws and ALWAYS a sprinkle of Everything But the Bagel Seasoning (EBTB – we love you!). Remember, these tasty additions can potentially pack a calorie punch, so watch those portions.

Dress to Impress

Let’s talk dressing – the magic that ties it all together. Here’s the secret: make your own (check out my website for some yummy options!) or buy a store-bought option with around 60 calories per serving. Don’t drown your salad – a light drizzle is all you need! I dedicated an entire blog post to salad dressings options just for you!

Now it’s your turn to take this and craft something beautiful and delicious! I want to see it! Take a picture of your creations and then tag me on the 'gram or FB!  Don't forget to include at LEAST 5 veggies in your salad!


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