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Create Your Own Adult Lunchable!

Who doesn’t love to snack? Snacking is so much fun! ⁣

The 𝘪𝘴𝘴𝘶𝘦 with snacks is that they are typically super processed foods that taste WAY TOO GOOD and don’t provide us much in the way of nutrients. It’s nearly impossible to eat 1 serving of most processed snack foods, am I right?

Chips for example…every weigh out one serving? Sad. I’d rather just skip them. 🙅‍♀️⁣ ⁣

That being said, what if you turned a MEAL into snacks? I’ve run into a lot of clients over the years that just aren’t into a proper “lunch” meal per se and would prefer to have snacky foods for their meals. That, or sometimes they are just burned out on salads or whatever…enter the adult lunchable! ⁣ ⁣ Remember lunchables? I never got on board with the gross meat in those things but I would CRUSH a pizza lunchable. Anyway, lunchables were FUN. They had a variety of different snacky things, and they were convenient. ⁣ ⁣ Today I’m providing you with a template and component ideas to create your own healthy lunchable! When creating your lunchable you want to make sure you’ve got a nutritional balance to help keep your energy stable and get in some protein! That means: protein, carb, fat, and veggie! ⁣ ⁣

Take a look at the lists below. Mix and match these options to create a balanced and satisfying adult lunchable! I've even included some examples of how I would put a nutritious plate together to inspire you!

Protein or Protein/Fat Options

Lunch meat turkey, roast beef, ham, precooked chicken sausage

Smoked salmon

Hard boiled eggs

Baby bell cheese

String cheese

Low sugar greek yogurt 

Fat options





Carb options 


Small apple

Almond flour crackers


Pretzel thins

Veggie options

Mini carrots


Mini peppers

Bell pepper slices

Broccoli, Cauliflower,



Cherry tomatoes

Snap peas

Dips, sauces, etc. 

Laughing cow cheese

Bolthouse dressing




It's one thing to know what options you have to craft your meal, but maybe you don't want to think that much? I've crafted four different balanced lunchables for you! Steal my plate or use this as a guide to create your own!

Meal 1

Lunch meat turkey, cheese, pistachios, mini peppers, berries

1 Babybel cheese, 3/4 oz pistachios, 3 mini peppers

2.5oz raspberries, 3oz blueberries, 3oz turkey 

385kcal: 35C/29P/16F

Meal 2 Hard boiled eggs, cheese, almonds, broccoli, carrots + bolthouse, mini apple  1 piece string cheese, 2 hard boiled eggs, 1/4oz  almonds, 2oz cucumber, 3oz carrots,

2T Bolthouse dressing, small apple

441kcal: 38C/24P/24F

Meal 3

Chicken sausage, Laughing Cow with crackers, peppers with hummus or guac, berries

1.5 andouille sausages, 1 Laughing Cow cheese, 3/4 serving almond crackers, 3 mini peppers, 2oz blueberries, 2oz blackberries 

391kcal: 26P/17F/35C

Meal 4

Lunch meat turkey pickle roll ups, hard boiled egg, cashews, celery with hummus, berries or apple (or grapes)

2.5oz turkey, pickles, hard boiled egg, 1/2oz cashews, small apple, celery, 2T guacamole 


I hope this list sparked some inspiration for your adult lunchable creations! Need help creating a balanced plate? Book a free discovery call with me today!


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