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Stay on Track While Traveling with these Hacks

Planning a getaway soon? Struggling to stay on track while traveling? Today, I have some tips to keep you aligned with your goals even when you're jet-setting! Read through and click here if you'd like to set an appointment to work 1:1 with me! I can help you dial in your nutrition and lifestyle in a way that fits your unique circumstances and finally reach your health & fitness goals!

Know Your Goal

Are you currently actively trying to lose weight or are you focusing on maintenance? Knowing what your goal is will help you prepare and be honest with yourself as you navigate being out of your routine. If you are serious about weight loss you will be treating your break differently than someone who is planning on maintaining their weight and loosening up on their typical habits a bit while they’re traveling. There is no wrong or right, only the need to be honest with yourself and your goals. 🙃

Plan Ahead

Are you flying or driving? What will your food options be while traveling?

I never recommend leaving anything to chance.

I always travel with at least some food. Flying by the seat of your pants and assuming is a really great way to unnecessarily screw things up for yourself. 🤪 The fact of the matter is, with a little planning ahead you can completely take the stress out of traveling when it come to snacks and some meals. Bring some options with you that support your goals. HERE are some great ideas!

Pack More Than You Think You Need

You never know when your flight might get delayed, travel plans change, or you could get stuck somewhere waiting, so it’s always a good plan to bring extra of whatever you need so that you are always prepared. It's super easy to do. Just throw extra of whatever you're packing in there.

Stock Up

Are you staying in a house? Renting a condo? Staying with friends? Planning on eating out all meals? Again, this is good info to have in advance so that you can come up with a plan while you’re away from your normal. Can you make a grocery run when you get there? Have groceries delivered? Pack healthy snacks in luggage? Order online and have shipped? Have you looked at the restaurants nearby? Checked out the menus?

Stock up on the goodies you need or do a little research on what’s around so you can make the best choice for your goals.

Always Hydrate

Water, water, water! Travel dehydrates us especially when flying. Cabin air is kept at very low humidity and pressure is low as well. These two things coupled with the fact that we typically drink much less (for some of us that’s basically nothing at all!) when we travel, dehydration is almost a given. I try to make staying hydrated a game and always travel with LMNT to help make sure I don’t get too depleted when traveling. Being dehydrated can lend to a host of health issues but in the short term it can really throw off our digestion, leave us feeling low energy, sluggish, or with a headache.

Move More

Whether we fly or ride, sitting is what we do when we travel! Make it a point to get as MUCH movement in as possible when traveling and while on vacation! It’s good for your mental health, joints, and circulation to keep moving!


One of the best parts of vacation is that usually we don’t have to get up as early as when we are at home. When you’re on vacation, try to make it a point to sleep MORE than you are used to. It can really be a game changer. Sleep is when our body repairs and goes through many necessary functions that support our health. The more you sleep, the better!

Have FUN

Don’t put too much stress or pressure on yourself. After all, the point of vacation is to get OUT of your routine! That doesn’t mean you have to dive head first into Pina coladas or eat pizza and dessert every night but you can certainly relax, celebrate, and enjoy a break while being mindful of your health and long term goals!

Did any of these resonate with you? I’d love to know! Send me an email at


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