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Farro Power Bowls: Protein-Packed Goodness

Bowl with grilled chicken, farro and vegetables

This is a great recipe when you can’t be bothered to cook in the kitchen. Fabulous for the warmer months when you want a cool and refreshing lunch that’s high in protein and easy to prep! With a bit of chopping and assembly you’ll have lunches done for the week! I can prep this meal from start to finish in under 30 minutes!

Kitchen counter with meal prep ingredients


🔹Cooked grilled chicken or precooked skewers from @costco

🔹1 cup farro or grain of choice, cooked (I cooked my farro in the instant pot)

🔹5oz thinly sliced red onion⁣

🔹10oz thinly sliced English cucumber⁣

🔹10oz cherry tomato, sliced in halves

🔹1 can artichokes in brine,quartered

🔹One jar roasted red peppers, sliced

🔹One container tzatziki sauce (Look for one under 50 cal/serving)

🔹5oz crumbled feta (regular or light)⁣

🔹One bunch chopped parsley⁣

🔹Arugula or other green of choice⁣

🔹Fresh or dried dill ⁣

Meal prepped farro bowls with fresh vegetables and grilled chicken

Directions:⁣ Assemble your bowls! 

✅This is a no cook meal! Outside of potentially cooking your grain and chopping a bunch of veggies, all you have to do is assemble these! Easy peasy! 

✅ Fill the bottom of your bowl with your arugula or other green. I usually tear the leaves up small so I can pack my bowl full! 

✅Add the amount of grain that fits your carb portion (I cooked 1 cup - 4 “servings” and made 5 portions out of it. You can do more or less based on your needs.

✅ Add 3-4oz diced grilled chicken to the top of each bowl 

✅ Add 1oz crumbled feta on the top.⁣

✅ Add about 2 oz of sliced cucumber and 1 oz red onion to the bowl.⁣

✅ Add 6 artichoke pieces, and 2 oz of sliced cherry tomatoes

✅ Add 1-2oz roasted red pepper

✅ Generously sprinkle fresh parsley and dill to the bowl

✅ Add salt and pepper 

✅ Add 30-45g (1-1.5 servings) of tzatziki to each bowl.

⁣✅Store in the fridge until you’re ready to consume or up to 5 days. 

ENJOY! 🤤 ⁣

*I typically make 5 servings for M-F. Nutrition below is recipe as listed above. This is easily modifiable to add more protein, less carbs, etc., as needed.⁣ Swapping the farro for cauliflower rice is a great low carb sub! 

NUTRITION: 438kcal 32P/49C/13F


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