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Important Truths About Fat Loss

Spring is right around the corner! With warmer weather on the horizon it's got a lot of us wanting to shed a bit of our "winter insulation." 🤪

Is that you?

If so, read on... I've written a little wisdom that may help you cut through the noise a bit and focus on what really matters to get that scale moving where you want it!

1. Tune out the distractions and focus on the basics.

Focusing on the basics doesn't mean trying your hand a intermittent fasting, going low carb, trying keto, carb cycling, or doing any of the hundreds of macro counting programs out there. That is NOT basic and last time I checked most people aren't walking around looking for ways to make their life more difficult. Learning to eat well in our modern food environment is NOT easy so why put a bunch of rules and extra steps in your life that are TOTALLY UNNECESSARY to get you to where you want to be?

BASICS. They still work.

2. Admit to yourself that you aren’t moving enough and commit to changing that.

You really probably aren't.

"But Erin, I work out for 45 minutes a day and it's SUPER intense! The scale isn't moving and I am not sure why." I could RETIRE if I had a dollar for every time I heard this. If you workout for 45 minutes a day then plop yourself down at your desk:


Maybe you aren't in any sort of exercise routine. Also ok...but not ok for fat loss. You have to MOVE. Not to lose weight necessarily but to BE HEALTHY.

Commit to moving more.

3. Motivation is not impressive. Consistency is. Figure out a way to get consistent so you don’t have to be motivated.

When people decide they are ready to change, they are motivated.

Motivation doesn't last. Plan to NOT be motivated. Make a plan for how you are going to do what you need to do when you don't feel like it. Real talk: I RARELY want to workout. I rarely feel motivated. But I do it anyway.

You have to plan for that.

4. Getting enough water and protein is imperative. It sounds so “easy” but you probably aren’t doing it…

If you want to lose weight what you want to lose is body fat. Nobody wants to lose muscle-trust me. To lose weight and spare muscle loss you want to eat plenty of protein. Also, water is imperative for every process in your body. When you are dehydrated you are making it harder for your heart to pump blood to your organs and basically saying you don't care about your health. 😂 I mean...for real. So, drink more water and eat some protein. Please. ❤️

5. Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good.

Perfectionism is never what we’re after. That’s not real life. If you allow yourself the grace of messing up but committing not to stop your life will change.

Your life WILL change.

6. Small actions that seem insignificant always add up.

We get wrapped up in BIG change but then we can never sustain it. Everyone always wants transformational change but way quicker than is humanly possible. We life in a culture of instant gratification. A healthy body and healthy life and made in a crock pot...long and slow, not in a microwave.

Start a small action today that models the person you are working to become.

7. Every day you don’t take action is one less day you have to feel amazing before you die.

It's true. Once you get started you'll have wished you started a long time ago so quit delaying the inevitable and start small today.

8. If you’re overwhelmed, I can help you.

These basic truths are the cornerstones of my personalized 1:1 coaching program. Whatever your goal, whatever your obstacles, if you're struggling and you want to change, I can help.

I hope you found these truths to be helpful! Which one resonates with you the most? If you're interested in chatting with me to see if I can help you with your health goals, I offer a free chat! Grab some time here! :)


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