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The Midday Energy Crash: Why it Happens and How to Avoid it.

One of the biggest complaints I get when I start working with clients is inconsistent and low energy levels.

Maybe we wake up, have some coffee, feel pretty decent, eat lunch, and then the dreaded happens...

That mid afternoon CRASH!!!!! 😩😩

Does that happen to you? Maybe you reach for (or crave) a sugary snack or some caffeine. That might give you a hit of energy to get you through the rest of the day?

Have you ever wondered WHY that might be happening?

The reason this typically happens is due to our blood sugar levels. Every time we eat, our blood sugar will rise.

WHAT we eat will impact the level our blood sugar rises and also how quickly it will drop.

When we keep our blood sugar levels reasonably stable with small increases and decreases, our energy levels stay consistent. When we have sharp rises and dips, this causes energy levels to drop quickly often leaving us low energy, hangry, and often craving sugary/carb heavy foods.

Do you know what type of foods impact our blood sugar (thus energy levels) the most?

You guessed it-Carbs!

Now, I am not going to sit here and tell you carbs are bad. They are FAR from it. Carbs are our bodies preferred fuel source and are a very beneficial part of a healthy diet for most people.

So...what are we to do?

If I could give you one piece of advice to help you keep your energy levels stable throughout the day, it would be to eat:


What does that mean? It means, build your plate with a serving of protein, carb, and a fat. This will help blunt your blood sugar from spiking too high and also from dropping too quickly.

Sounds easy enough right? But what do we typically do?

Run out the door with coffee and muffin in hand (straight carbs). Mid morning we start to feel hunger pangs so we grab a granola bar or apple to get us by until lunch (carbs). Lunch rolls around and it's been a stressful day so you grab Mexican out with some coworkers (heavy meal high in carbs-rice, beans, tortillas, chips, etc.)

3pm rolls around and all of the sudden we are WHOOPED. Need a pick-me-up! Candy from the candy dish or a vanilla latte sound great right about now! 🍫🍬

Can you see it? The blood sugar spikes and drops, spikes and drops...




It's not doing our energy levels, our health, or our overall well being ANY favors!

This week when you are eating your meals and snacks, take a look at what you are eating and see if you can break it down.

  • Does this meal have a significant source of protein?

  • A bit of healthy fat?

  • Some whole food carbs?

If not, see if you can start building your meals along these guidelines. Little by little you will start to FEEL the difference...I PROMISE! Have questions? Send me an email. I am here to help!


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