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Sausage & Pepper Egg Muffins

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

Sausage & Pepper Egg Muffins

Not a fan of 🍳whites?! ⁣

I don’t blame you, they literally have no flavor and for some can be a major texture issue. Usually if they taste 🤢 it’s because you need to add flavor and/or some mix-ins. This recipe has both! These can also easily be made with whole eggs to up the fat content but just keep in mind the nutritional value will change substantially. Save this post for next time you meal prep or tag someone you think should try this! 🙌⁣

🌶Sausage and Pepper Egg Muffs🫑 ⁣


♦️ 2 1/4 cup egg whites ⁣

♦️ 1 bag frozen peppers and onions (I love the fire roasted ones from Trader Joe’s⁣

♦️ 6 chicken sausage breakfast links (or other type of precooked sausage)⁣

♦️ TJ’s Chile Lime Seasoning⁣


♦️ Preheat oven to 400⁣

♦️ Grease a muffin tin (I love the silicone ones)⁣

♦️ Thaw (or microwave) the peppers & onions. ⁣

THOROUGHLY squeeze out excess water (do NOT skip this step or you’ll end up with a watery mess.)⁣

♦️ Microwave the chicken sausage until thawed (about a minute)⁣

♦️ Slice chicken sausage into dime sized pieces⁣

♦️ Pour 552g (2 1/4 cup) egg whites into a bowl⁣

♦️ Add chicken sausage, drained peppers & onions, and sprinkle some healthy dashes of seasoning into the bowl. ⁣

♦️ Evenly divide the mixture into 12-14 muffin tins (about 2/3 full). Do NOT overfill. ⁣

♦️ Bake in the oven for 20-25 minutes or until they are cooked in the middle are slightly brown. ⁣

♦️ Remove from oven, cool, and then remove from muffin container.⁣

👉 These can be stored in the fridge for 5-6 days. ⁣

👉 This recipe made 14 muffins for me. Each with 41kcal, 1F/1.5C/6P


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