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RESET with Erin

Updated: Jan 9

What is RESET?

RESET is a 2 week real foods based program where we will be fueling our bodies with a lot of nutrients that it needs in order for you to feel your best. We are stripping out what it doesn’t need and putting in mostly non-processed, nutrient dense food. There will be some shakes and recommended supplements involved to help make sure we are covering our nutritional bases. Essentially we are cutting the crap and getting back to the delicious BASICS. Those who complete RESET feel SO much better even after two weeks and continue on with the majority of the recommendations but customize it a bit to them, their lifestyle, and their goals.

If you feel like you have gone off the rails a bit, or want to make sure you feel BETTER and have the blueprint you need to keep going, RESET it a great way to get you there! It’s only two weeks which isn’t too daunting, but it’s long enough to really get some good nutritional and lifestyle habits kicked off and most of all, for you to feel REALLY good.

What to expect:

Digestive health plays a HUGE role in optimal health and feeling our best. This RESET consists of food that will not only support your digestive health, but also fortify the body with macro and micronutrients. We will also be removing potentially allergenic foods and other ingredients that can disrupt digestive health and interfere with the body’s normal detoxification process. The primary purpose of RESET with Erin is to feel better while fueling with whole foods and stripping our diet of some of the foods and other substances that don’t serve us. This will also support gut health, digestion, and the detoxification process.

What you get:

  • A 40+ page RESET guide including:

  • Foods list (What to eat, what not to eat)

  • Sample meal plans

  • Lots of RESET friendly recipes!

  • Access to our private facebook community to ask questions, get accountability & community

  • Frequently asked questions

  • Success tips & guidelines

  • A “How to Build Your Plate” guide

  • Weekly meal planning template

  • Food log template

  • And more!

So here's the deal: If you want in on this, here are the details:

✔️2 weeks to clean up your diet. You need to be on point and ready to commit to see results. Not ready? That’s cool. Hold off. 💪 But most of us are planning on cleaning things up in the new year and get back to feeling better and prioritizing our health!

✔️RESET runs for two weeks (Mon-Sun). Yes…you have two weekends you need to commit to healthy eating. Have you ever been able to commit to that before? You’ve got accountability this time!

✔️ Cost: $149 plus the cost of supplements. There will be a high quality pharmaceutical grade multivitamin, a protein powder (dairy and non dairy options), and a probiotic. Yes, the supplements are important.🙃 You will receive a discount on your supplements through fullscript.

✔️This RESET will focus on food choices but we also touch on sleep, movement/exercise, and of course 🧠 mindset!

✔️You’ll get a RESET guide with over 30 healthy and easy recipes you can use, and a Facebook group for accountability!

What others have had to say about RESET:

"This was an amazing experience. I was able to focus on my health and make smart changes in several areas without feeling overwhelmed. There was never a time I felt stressed because the Plan and the support made everything achievable."

"Enjoyed doing it with others & the Facebook group helped with keeping on track as well as recipe ideas. Liked having a good time frame that wasn’t too long."

"Great! Friendly motivation and accountability helped me stay focused on the plan of eating healthy and getting in more movement! I am so proud of myself for committing and taking better care of my body."

"It was great, easy to follow and lots of options for food. I did not feel like I was on a "Diet" but something I can stick with long term for great results and better health."

"It helped me get back into a healthier eating/lifestyle routine. It's helped me to stop and analyze what I am putting into my body."

"My cravings were minimal and it was an eye opening experience of how best to reach my health goals."

Will you lose weight?

RESET with Erin is not designed to be a weight-loss program specifically, but can be used as the preliminary step in a healthy lifestyle weight management program. Portions should be adjusted to satisfy hunger. That being said, many people have had a lot of success in using RESET to help support their weight loss efforts. Here is some progress from our most recent RESET group:

"I lost 11 pounds! I didn't always drink my water but I'm intaking more than I ever have and I feel better. Moving my body isn't as big of a chore as it was before. My moods have been better and I feel better in general. For me, RESET showed me I can lose weight, even at 55. It give me hope and a plan for even bigger weight loss numbers in my future. I'm now motivated to keep this lifestyle and prove that I'm strong enough both mentally and physically to make big changes."

"I am down almost 7 pounds and I haven’t been able to do that in a very long time!"

"I lost about 6 pounds! I took nightly walks with my daughter which helped me get in more movement and helped my mental health. Improved skin tone, less bloating."

"I lost 4 pounds during the first week my weight did not change after the second week however I felt much leaner and less bloated."

"I lost overall 9.2lbs during the two weeks, I want to lose more weight and this reset was the kickstart I needed!"

"Lost almost 6lbs and had minimal cravings!"

"I lost 5.4 pounds and feel better!"

"Down 6.4 pounds and feeling less bloated, ect. I plan to continue the program"

"Down 5.8lbs! This was a good kick in the rear to get focused and motivated."

"I’m down 5.5 lbs… and feeling really good! I’m still planning to follow the plan for most meals."

I think the testimonials speak for themselves....


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