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🍛Mediterranean Chicken Bowls🍛

I don’t know about you but when the weather gets warmer my body craves cooler and lighter meals like salads and bowls as opposed to soups and heavier meals. This one fits that spring vibe bill for sure and it’s STUPID easy to put together. This isn’t even as much of a “recipe” as it is throwing some things in a bowl but hey-we’re doing the thing so here’s what you’ll need 🙌⁣


🔹Cooked grilled chicken or precooked skewers from @costco

🔹Cauliflower rice (I use the frozen from @costco ) You can also use regular rice or quinoa if you want or need more carbs⁣

🔹About 5oz thinly sliced red onion⁣

🔹About 5oz thinly sliced English cucumber⁣

🔹One container hummus⁣

🔹One container tzatziki sauce

🔹One container crumbled feta (regular or light)⁣

🔹One bunch chopped parsley⁣

🔹Arugula or other green of choice⁣

🔹Fresh or dried dill ⁣


✅ Add 4oz cauliflower rice (or grain of choice) to each of 5 meal prep containers⁣

✅ Add diced grilled chicken to the top of each bowl (I used 3.5oz)⁣

✅ Add .5-1oz crumbled feta on the top.⁣

If I am making these for the week ahead of time, here is where I stop. Before consuming I microwave the above and then add the rest of the toppings in to create my bowl. You can eat this warm or cold, whatever you prefer. If you are making right before you eat I’d recommend microwaving the cauliflower rice and then adding your toppings.⁣

✅ Add about 1oz of sliced cucumber and red onion to the bowl.⁣

✅ Throw in some arugula or mixed greens (I typically do one handful) ⁣

✅ Add 1oz hummus⁣

✅ Add 2oz tzatziki sauce to each bowl⁣

✅ Top with a sprinkling of chopped parsley and dill if you’d like. ⁣

ENJOY! 🤤 ⁣

*I typically make 5 servings for M-F. Nutrition below is recipe as listed above. This is easily modifiable to add more protein, fat, etc as needed.⁣

NUTRITION:328kcal 16F/23C/29P


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