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Lightened Up Cuban Wrap

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

Lightened Up Cuban Wrap

Most Cuban sandwiches are absolutely delicious but heavier and high calorie as the meat and cheese are rather fatty and the bread (is yummy) but usually contains lard. So...a great choice for a splurge but not something you’d likely want to eat on a regular basis if you are trying to eat healthy. 🤪

My take has a lot of the same great flavor for a small fraction of the calories. 🙌 Save this recipe next time you’re wanting to change it up and if you make it, please snap a 📷, post it, and tag me! 🥰 It makes me so happy to see you guys try and love my recipes. ❤️

Ingredients: ⁣

🥪 3-4oz cooked & shredded pork (I like to use tenderloin cooked in the crock pot because it’s leaner but pork shoulder will work too)⁣ This is the recipe I use and love.

🥪 1 piece of prosciutto, microwaved for 30-45 seconds or until crisp⁣

🥪 1 lavash bread (I get from Walmart and has 100 cal)⁣

🥪 Cuban mustard (or yellow will work)⁣

🥪 Dill pickle slices or dill relish⁣

🥪 1 laughing cow wedge or a slice of light cheese (I love the pepper jack laughing cow)⁣


✅ Spread laughing cow on lavash bread⁣

✅ Add mustard and pickles or relish⁣

✅ Microwave prosciutto and shredded pork⁣

✅ Add pork and prosciutto to lavash and roll ⁣

✅ Place in a lightly greased non skillet to toast the bread and warm throughout. ⁣

✅ Slice and serve with veggies or a side salad⁣


(As prepared as stated above using tenderloin)⁣

299kcal: 40P/15C/9F

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