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Korean Beef & Broccoli

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

Korean Beef & Broccoli

Need an easy and delicious meal prep option? I’ve got you! This is the meal I make THE most for my weekly lunches. I hardly ever get sick of it, it’s filling, and everyone always asks what smells👃 so good! 🤷🏻‍♀️⁣


🔹 2 pounds ground beef (I use 96/4 or 90/10)⁣

🔹 2T minced ginger (I use the squeeze kind because it’s quick & easy.)⁣

🔹 1 teaspoon red pepper flakes⁣

🔹 1 teaspoon garlic powder⁣

🔹 1 teaspoon onion powder⁣

🔹 1/2 teaspoon salt ⁣

🔹 Coconut aminos or other lower sugar teriyaki sauce (I love the stuff from Trader Joe’s!)⁣

🔹 Everything but the bagel seasoning

🔹 Green onions⁣

🔹 Cooked white rice⁣

🔹 Frozen cauliflower rice⁣

🔹 Roasted or steamed broccoli⁣

🔹 Sesame oil (optional)


✅ Cook ground beef with first 5 ingredients⁣

✅ Cook white rice and steam or roast a big bag of broccoli florets⁣

✅ Portion 100g rice, 3oz frozen cauliflower rice, and 2-3oz cooked broccoli into meal prep containers.⁣

✅ Add 3-4oz cooked beef⁣

✅ Drizzle 1 tsp sesame oil on top of beef (optional)

✅ Top with 1-2T coconut aminos or low sugar teriyaki ⁣

✅ Add sliced green onions and top with everything but the bagel seasoning⁣

VOILA! It doesn’t have to be hard or stressful. You can also customize this meal and cut back on the carbs and/or up the protein! Give it a try and let me know what you think! ⁣

Nutrition: 30P/44C/5F⁣


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