Creamy Tahini Dressing

This nutty, slightly sweet dressing will have you licking the bowl of salads and stir frys! Any way to get yourself to eat more veggies is a win in my book! 🙌 ⁣It’s also gluten and dairy free!


🔹1/3 cup tahini ⁣

🔹2 Tablespoons coconut aminos⁣

🔹1 Tablespoon golden balsamic⁣

🔹4 Tablespoons water⁣

🔹1/4 tsp salt⁣

🔹3g (a few shakes dried parsley or fresh)⁣


🔹Blend in a mini blender and stir in parsley. If it’s too thick you can add a tablespoon or two more of water until desired thickness is reached. ⁣

Nutrition: Makes 5-40g (approx.) servings: 111kcal: 9F/7C/3P