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Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese

Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese

Alright y’all! THIS meal makes my inner kid so happy! It’s SO good, super easy, and filling! I would serve it alongside of a roasted veggie for a complete meal. If you make it you gotta report back and let me know what you think-I love it when people make my recipes and post pictures and let me know if you ❤️ it!

🧀 Ingredients 🧀 ⁣

🔹1 box of @eatbanza deluxe Mac n cheese (make sure it’s the one with the cheese sauce pouch, not the powder) I found it at Meijer⁣

🔹10oz cooked chicken breast, shredded⁣

🔹1 cup plain non fat greek yogurt⁣

🔹1/4c Frank’s buffalo sauce⁣

🔹1 cup light cheddar or Mexican cheese (80cal/serving)⁣

🔹1/2 ranch dressing packet⁣

Instructions: ⁣

✅ Cook and drain pasta according to directions on box.⁣

✅ While pasta is cooking, in a medium pot, add the cheese sauce, cheese, greek yogurt, buffalo sauce, and ranch packet and stir on low heat until everything is combined and the cheese is melted (sauce shouldn’t be chunky).⁣

✅ Add in chicken to the cheese sauce. ⁣

✅ In a large bowl, combine the chicken/cheese sauce and pasta and stir to combine. ⁣

✅ Divide up into 5 equal portions (each one of mine weighed 8.2oz/230g) ⁣

✅ Serve alongside a roasted green veggie or side dish of choice! ⁣

This is definitely a meal I’d recommend portioning out because it’s soo good it would be super easy to over eat! 😜 🤤 ⁣

Nutrition: 5 servings: 361kcal 35P/28C/13F⁣

4 servings: 451kcal 44P/35C/17F⁣

Mac & Cheese is like the ultimate comfort kid food! Now you can enjoy it in a way that fits your goals!


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