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🫐 Berries & Brussels Salad 🥗 ⁣

This is a delicious and SUPER nutrient dense salad that will be great to take to your summer get togethers. If you add some grilled chicken to the top or on the side you have an amazing and healthy balanced meal. This also goes great as a side to any dinner. The flavors are fresh and it keeps well for a couple of days (IF you have leftovers!) since it’s made up of heartier veggies and fruits! You can easily switch up the berries you choose to use or even the cheese based on your preference. Goat cheese or feta are both great in this salad! ⁣


🔹12 ounces shaved Brussels sprouts⁣

🔹2 cups chopped kale (3oz.)⁣

🔹2 cups chopped spinach (3oz.)⁣

🔹2 cups berries of choice, I recommend blueberries (10oz)⁣

🔹1/2 cup (3oz by weight) toasted walnut pieces⁣

🔹1/3 cup diced red onion (optional)⁣

🔹1/2 cup light crumbled feta cheese (goat also works great)⁣


🔹Use a food processor to finely chop or shave both the Brussels and kale. Do the same with the spinach but you won’t want the spinach to be too chopped because it’ll get soggy easier. ⁣

🔹Combine the Brussels, kale, and spinach into a big salad bowl. ⁣

🔹Sprinkle berries, cheese, toasted walnuts and red onion over the top. ⁣

🔹Pour dressing over the top (recipe below)⁣

🔹Using tongs, toss the salad until everything is combined.⁣

🍋 Maple lemon vinaigrette 🍋⁣

Makes 7 servings⁣

🔹1/3 cup white balsamic vinegar⁣

🔹2 Tbsp maple syrup⁣

🔹1 Tbsp lemon juice⁣

🔹1 tsp dijon mustard⁣

🔹1/3 cup olive oil⁣

🔹Salt and pepper, to taste⁣

-Mix everything very well. I love to use a mini blender for this to ensure everything is combined.⁣

Nutrition: 1/6th of recipe: 203kcal 11F/18C(6 fiber!)/9P⁣

Dressing: 1/7th of recipe: 112kcal 11F/5C/0P⁣

One serving salad plus dressing: 314kcal 22F/24C/9P


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