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Ditch the Hangover, Keep the Fiesta! A Delicious Zero-Proof Margarita Recipe

glass with beverage, lime, and straw

Who doesn't love a good margarita? They were always my favorite alcoholic bevy (I'm on a long term [maybe forever!] break from the booze), but they never left me feeling very good the next day. I am, however, a former margarita devotee and I know all too well how even a drink or two can disrupt sleep and leave you dragging the next day. Low energy, foggy brained and just feeling less than awesome, anyone? I know I don't have time for that! 

Good news though! That doesn't mean you have to miss out on the refreshing, citrusy flavor of a good 'ol margarita! This zero-proof recipe is my way to enjoy all the classic margarita taste without the unwanted effects. It's also low in sugar, making it a win-win for your taste buds and your well-being.

Let's fiesta!


~1.5oz any zero proof tequila (Zero proof tequila is available at most large liquor stores or can be purchased online. I like ​Ritual​ and ​Nkd​ distillery)

~3oz macro friendly marg mix (I love this ​Casamigos​ one from Williams Sonoma!) ​Tres Agaves​ also makes a good one!

~1-2 T lime juice

~Club soda (or sparkling water - I used La Croix Limoncello!)


1. Add the first three ingredients to a shaker with ice and shake.

2. Pour into a glass filled with ice (salted rim optional but I love it!)

3. Top with a bit of club soda and stir

4. Add lime wedge for garnish Enjoy a nice cocktail and zero negative effects of alcohol!


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