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High Protein Pasta Salad

High Protein Pasta Salad

When it’s HOT in the summer the last thing I want is a hot meal. I eat a lot of salads already, so I wanted something a little different-That’s how this recipe was born. A healthier, higher protein pasta salad with tons of veggies! This can be used as a main course and not just a side. There is VERY little cooking involved with this and it’s mostly just dicing and assembling. Easy-peasy! 🙌⁣

Bookmark this for your next meal prep and I’d love to know what you think! ⁣


🔹1 8oz box @eatbanza rotini pasta⁣

🔹5oz crumbled reduced fat feta cheese⁣

🔹2.5oz diced turkey pepperoni⁣

🔹10oz grilled chicken, diced⁣

🔹1 bottle light Italian vinaigrette⁣

🔹Handful of fresh slivered basil leaves⁣

🔹Salad supreme seasoning (optional)⁣

🔹Cucumber, diced⁣

🔹Red onion, diced⁣

🔹Cherry tomatoes⁣

🔹Arugula ⁣

🔹Shredded romaine or other mixed green ⁣


✅ Cook the pasta according to directions on the box (don’t forget to rinse!). Allow to cool or chill fully before assembling. ⁣

✅ Add arugula and mixed greens/lettuce of choice to the bottom of each container.⁣

✅ Add 1/5 of the cooked pasta (about 100g cooked weight) to each container.⁣

✅ Add 2oz cooked grilled chicken⁣

✅ Add 1/2oz diced turkey pepperoni⁣

✅ Add 1oz reduced fat feta cheese⁣

✅ Mix in veggies of choice (the more the better! I used red onion, cherry tomatoes, and cucumber)⁣

✅ Add 2 tablespoons of dressing to each container.⁣

✅ Top with slivered basil. ⁣

✅ Sprinkle with salad supreme seasoning and additional salt & pepper to taste (if needed)⁣

Before eating, I like to shake each container to make sure the dressing gets evenly distributed.⁣

*Makes 5 servings.⁣

NUTRITION: 376kcal 36P/30C/14F


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