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Harvest Bowl

This is a bowl packed with nutrients and cool weather flavors! Call it a salad, call it a bowl, call it delicious! It’s a hearty meal that doesn’t break the calorie bank and has plenty of protein. I’ve been eating this recipe with different flavor variations on repeat for the last few weeks and I can’t get enough. Most of the ingredients can be batched cooked ahead and you can just throw together when you get hungry! I am planning to prepare a big bowl of this on Thanksgiving to share with the family along side of the other traditional turkey & sides. I hope you enjoy!


-2oz Roasted Brussel sprouts

-2oz roasted sweet potato or butternut squash

-2oz sweet/tart apple of choice

-1.5oz pomegranate arils

-4oz grilled chicken breast

-10g toasted pecans or walnuts

-2-3oz shredded kale (or more)

-1 serving of maple vinaigrette dressing or your dressing of choice


-If you need to roast your veggies set your oven on 400 and line a large baking sheet with parchment paper.

-Quarter or 8th 9-16oz of Brussel sprouts (I prefer the smaller pieces and they get crispier/golden with less oil if they are smaller).

-Peel and dice a large sweet potato.

-Place on the baking sheet and lightly spray with avocado oil. Add s+p to the Brussels and cinnamon to the sweet potato.

-Roast in the oven for about 20 minutes until the Brussels are browning and the sweet potatoes are tender.

-If you haven’t shredded your kale, I like to use my food processor and do a big batch so I have it on hand for multiple salads. You’ll use about 2oz for the salad.

-Slice 1 small apple.

-De-seed pomegranate

-Dice grilled chicken breast

-Toast 1oz of pecan or walnut pieces. You can do this over your oven on a skillet, just watch them closely so they don’t burn. They’ll start to brown and smell fragrant, then they are done.

-Make lemon maple vinaigrette dressing (recipe in another post)


-Take a big salad bowl and add 2-2.5oz shredded kale

-Place 2oz of Brussels, sweet potato, and apple to the bowl.

-Add 1.5oz pomegranate seeds

-Add 4oz grilled chicken

-Sprinkle with 10g pecans

-Drizzle 2T or 32g of maple vinaigrette dressing to the top.


Nutrition (with dressing): 483Kcal-32P/53C/20F (9 grams of fiber!!)

This is a filling and very nutrient dense (and delicious!) meal.


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