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Coffee Rubbed Brisket

Too many crock pot recipes?  It’s my go-to kitchen tool!  Last time I checked - most people like to sit down to a nice dinner but don’t have the time (or the desire) to spend the evening in the kitchen.  With a little bit of prep work before the meat goes into the crock pot, you can come home from a long day with a delicious brisket waiting for you!

Add your favorite veggies on the side (or underneath) and you’ll have a complete meal!

I got the idea for this recipe when my husband and I were in Austin last year for a Paleo Event. We visited this restaurant called Lambert's and it was AMAZING.  They had a smoked brisket with coffee and brown sugar that was to die for.  This recipe isn’t quite the same, but the coffee lends an amazing flavor to the rub.  The addition of the coconut milk makes a delicious and rich gravy to serve with the brisket.  I chose to serve in over mashed cauliflower.  It reminded me of mashed potatoes and gravy, only better!  I used a grass fed brisket, so it wasn’t quite as fatty as some you’ll find which I enjoyed.  I like enough fat to give flavor but not so much that you bite into a mouthful of it.

The brisket was perfectly done in my opinion. It could be sliced or shredded.

Coffee Rubbed Brisket


  • 3-3.5lb Brisket

  • 1 can light coconut milk

  • ¼c finely ground decaf coffee (or regular)

  • 2T chili powder

  • 1T paprika

  • 1T Salt

  • 1T pepper

  • 1T cumin


  1. Mix the ingredients for the rub in a small bowl (coffee, chili powder, paprika, salt, pepper, cumin)

  2. If your brisket is on the smaller side, you may want to scale back a bit on the seasoning.

  3. If your brisket isn't grass-fed, or has a large amount of visible fat, you can trim that off if you'd like. If not, it'll cook down so no worries, you can skim the fat off of the top later if you don't want it.

  4. Cover both sides of the brisket liberally with the rub.

  5. Place ½ of the can of coconut milk in the bottom of the crock pot.

  6. Set the rubbed brisket carefully into the bottom of the crock pot.

  7. Add the rest of the coconut milk to the crock pot (careful not to pour directly over the brisket so the rub comes off)

  8. Set the crock pot on LOW for 10 hours

  9. Once it's done, you can remove the brisket and slice into pieces, or shred with a fork if you'd like. It will be tender and delicious but is equally good shredded or sliced.

  10. Ladle some of the gravy from the crock pot over top of the brisket and your veggie of choice

  11. If the gravy seems a little greasy, it works really well to refrigerate the sauce (with or without the brisket) and you can scoop off the excess fat from the top if you'd like).

  12. This brisket is tender, rich in flavor, but not fatty at all. Most of the fat cooks out and that's why depending on your cut of meat, the gravy might be a bit on the fattier side. I stuck the crock pot in the fridge when it cooled and scooped off the excess fat the next morning.


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