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Super Quick Instant Pot Taco Pasta

Super Quick Instant Pot Taco Pasta

Tacos and pasta? It doesn’t seem like they go together!🤔 Who needs a tortilla when you have this SUPER easy and quick meal prep meal you can throw together. It’s got all of the flavor of 🌮 and with high protein black bean 🍝 it’s a fun spin on classic tacos that will not disappoint! This recipe is #dairyfree but I think it would be awesome with some sprinkled 🧀 on top too! ⁣


🔹 1 lb lean ground beef or turkey (96/4)⁣

🔹 1/2 white onion diced (about 4-5oz)⁣

🔹 Taco seasoning (I use my recipe)⁣

🔹 1-15 oz can fire roasted diced tomatoes⁣

🔹 1cup of your fav low cal salsa⁣

🔹 1-3/4 c broth⁣

🔹 8oz black bean rotini (@traderjoes)⁣

🔹 1 small can diced green chiles⁣

🔹 1bell 🫑, diced⁣


✅ Turn on IP to sauté and cook ground beef and onions. ⁣

✅ Add in taco seasoning and stir. ⁣

✅ Add diced tomatoes, salsa, bell pepper, and broth. ⁣

✅ Place noodles on top and gently stir. Set IP to manual for 3 minutes and then quick release when done.⁣

✅ Remove lid and gently stir. ⁣

✅ Divide the dish among 5 meal prep dishes and add cheese to the top of each if you wish. Each container had about 11oz in it if you divide evenly. ⁣I put 3oz of frozen cauli rice in the bottom and topped with the taco pasta and it was delish! 🤤

Nutrition: 1/5 of recipe (not including cheese): 325kcal: 42C/4.5F/29P


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