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Egg white, Feta & Spinach Wrap (Copycat Starbucks Recipe)

I'm coming 'atcha today with a copycat recipe of one of my top picks for breakfast when I'm on the go & traveling!

One of my favorite parts of my job is recipe creation! I love coming up with healthy and delicious recipes that help people realize that they can still eat delicious food while supporting their goals or weight loss & optimal health! The template for all of my recipes is this:

✔️It's gotta taste good

✔️Not be a pain in the a** to make

✔️It's gotta make it easier for people to eat healthy!

Sound good?

This recipe satisfies all of those requirements: It's high protein (a lot of us struggle to get in a good dose of protein in the morning!), you can throw it together in under 10 minutes, and it tastes great! 🤤


🔹138g egg whites (9Tbsp)

🔹1oz reduced fat feta

🔹1 big handful spinach, chopped or torn

🔹1 Flat out Italian light wrap (60 cal)

🔹1oz roasted red pepper, sliced and patted dry

🔹Avocado oil spray

🔹 Salt + Pepper


🔹In a medium skillet on medium heat, add a tiny bit of non stick spray and throw your spinach in the pan to wilt with salt and pepper.

🔹Once it cooks down, remove it from the skillet and use a paper towel to dab any liquid from the spinach (nobody wants a soggy wrap!)

🔹Add a bit more non stick spray and add your egg whites to the skillet.

🔹Sprinkle feta on top of egg whites and spread red peppers on top as well.

🔹Add seasonings of choice (I love a sprinkle of garlic salt, pepper, and onion powder-but def add some flava flav, whatever you like!)

🔹Carefully flip the eggs or fold over to ensure they are cooked through (it’s easiest and not as messy if they stay together but if it breaks apart, no biggie.)

🔹Once cooked through, get your wrap out and place the egg whites in the middle of the wrap and fold both sides inward.

🔹Add a little more avocado oil spray to the top of the wrap and place in the air fryer or back in the skillet folded side down for a few minutes until golden brown and toasty (do NOT skip this step-it makes it SO much better!)

🔹Once it’s toasty, add it to a plate and cut in half on the diagonal because...fancy.🤪


NUTRITION: 205kcal-27P/25C(13g fiber!)/5F

This wrap is a great source of protein in the morning when it’s so easy to overdo it on the carbs and not get enough protein in! I love having this along side of a protein coffee (yeahhh for more protein!) or a small bowl of berries for a full meal!

Traditional SB Recipe (still not a bad option when on the road!): 290kcal-20P/34C/8F


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