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Southwest BBQ Chicken Salad

Southwest BBQ Chicken Salad

Summer is the season for cool, refreshing salads! Here’s another meal prep friendly, healthy salad that will leave you satisfied and looking forward to lunch every day! ⁣

Ingredients: ⁣

🔹2-3 heads of romaine, finely chopped⁣

🔹10-15oz grilled chicken breast, chopped⁣

🔹1 can black beans, rinsed and dried.⁣

🔹1 can of sweet corn, drained⁣

🔹6oz cherry tomatoes, quartered⁣

🔹Chopped red onion⁣

🔹Chopped cilantro (optional)⁣

🔹4oz light shredded Mexican cheese⁣

🔹Bolthouse farm honey BBQ dressing⁣

🔹Low sugar BBQ sauce (30cal or under per serving is ideal). ⁣

🔹Tortilla strips⁣

Directions: ⁣

✅ You have a few different options for this salad. If you grill your own chicken, I recommend buying a bbq seasoning (preferably one with low/no sugar) and sprinkling it on the chicken before grilling. If you use predrilled chicken (I’ve done both) Add the chopped chicken to a ziplock bag and add a few tbsps of low sugar bbq and shake. This will give the chicken more BBQ flavor-it really does make a difference. ⁣

✅ Next you want to “toast” the corn. Throw the corn in a non stick pan and allow it slightly brown, stirring it as needed (don’t let it burn!), I also added a little bbq rub to the corn to give it a bit more flavor. If you’re tight on time you can skip this step but it does add great flavor.⁣

✅ Add a couple large handfuls (about 3oz) of chopped romaine to each meal prep dish⁣

✅ Add 2-3oz cooked chicken to the side of each bowl.⁣

✅ Next to the chicken add 1/5 of the beans to each dish (about 40g)⁣

✅ Add 1/5 corn to each dish⁣

✅ Add 3/4oz or 3T shredded cheese to each dish ⁣

✅ Add 3-4 quartered cherry tomatoes to the dish⁣

✅ In a separate small container add 2T of the honey bbq ranch to add before eating. You can also make your own dressing with your fav ranch and bbq sauce just keep in mind this will alter macros listed. ⁣

✅ Before eating, pour dressing over salad, put lid on and shake. ⁣

✅ Top with 1 serving (7g) of tortilla strips. ⁣

Nutrition (makes 5 servings): ⁣

*This is based on 2oz cooked chicken. If you need higher protein just add a couple more oz of chicken! 387kcal: 28P/42C/11F


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