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Fuel Your Morning with A Protein-Packed Mocha

It's so common to start our day with a hit of caffeine! Sugary lattes and coffee with a bunch of creamer added is not doing our health or waistlines any favors!

Typically, we get plenty of sugar & fat in our diets, but we struggle to get in enough protein. If you love your coffee or fancy coffee shop drinks, you gotta give this protein mocha a try! This recipe checks all of the boxes for delicious, high protein, and healthy!

Try this Protein-Packed Mocha Bliss...


- 1 cup brewed coffee (regular or decaf)

- 1-2T cream of choice (I recommend nutpods or half & half)

-Additional stevia or other non nutritive sweetener (optional, if you like your coffee really sweet)

- Optional: A touch of like whipped cream if you want to be extra!


-Add your coffee, cream, and protein powder to a blender cup.

To make this treat with the absolute best taste and texture, you'll need a good high powered blender that does ok with hot beverages. Most of them aren't made for hot things, but can do ok, just be careful when opening after you get done blending because the heat causes pressure, so open sloooowly. If you don't have a good blender, you can use a protein shaker bottle or an immersion blender in a tall glass.

-Blend! A good blender will thoroughly mix and make it slightly foamy and delicious just like your favorite latte!

-Open the blender slowly to allow pressure to escape and pour into your favorite mug or yeti.

-Sip and Enjoy your protein-packed mocha, reveling in the delicious combination of coffee and chocolate goodness.

Feel free to customize the sweetness level by adding extra stevia or adjust the protein or cream ratio according to your taste preferences. This protein mocha provides a delightful and nutritious way to kickstart your day and I can't wait for you to try it!

Prefer your coffee cold? This is my tried and true iced protein coffee recipe-it's my favorite part of the day!

Nutrition: (Made with 1 scoop protein and 2T half & half): 159kcal-21g P/5g C/ 7g F


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