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Fat Loss Taco Bowls

What’s my favorite meal for fat loss?


If I had to pick one meal that could please a crowd (even the kiddos!) but is also completely customizable to preferences based on your nutrition goals, taco bowls would be it!

The possibilities are literally endless and it’s easy to make it high protein, and you can control the fat and carbs very easily if that’s your goal. It’s also a great way to get in veggies and fiber (which most of us don’t get enough of!)

Here are some great ideas for taco bowls! I’m gearing this info towards fat loss goals but if you have different goals you can easily adapt.

Choose your base:

My favorite base is cauliflower rice and shredded lettuce!

If you’re going for more of a salad, a chopped romaine or mixed green is a great base.

If you want some carbs, add a little rice or do a cauliflower and regular rice mix (if you aren’t a cauliflower rice fan, mix it with regular, with all of the flavors in this you won’t taste it and you’ll get the benefits of getting some veggies in!)


-Start with a good ‘ol scoop of (4+oz) lean ground beef, turkey, or chicken seasoned up with taco seasoning. I always like to get 90% lean or above.

-Shredded chicken in the crockpot cooked with salsa is another great option.

-Fajita meat like chicken breast or steak seasoned up and cooked with peppers & onions is also delish.

-My Mexican beef recipe is also awesome for these bowls

Add your veggies & fiber: Go crazy here!

My favorite veggies to add to my bowl are chopped tomatoes, cooked or raw peppers & onions, but you can add whatever non starchy veggies you want

If you want a big of carbs, a good dose of fiber (and a little extra protein!) add some beans but portion control here.


This is where it gets fun! I always throw my bowl on the scale so I can make sure I am keeping my portions in check!

Light Mexican cheese


Dairy free queso

Taco sauce


Roasted corn


Tortilla Strips or a few crushed chips for a little crunch if you want!

Typically I make a BIG ‘ol bowl of food that’s high protein, low to moderate carbs and moderate fat and OH so yummy and filling! Calories end up somewhere in the 400 range with easily 30-40 grams of protein!


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