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Meal plans are the first place many people go when they are looking to lose weight. The problem is meal plans are not "real life". They may work for the time you follow them but if you don't learn what goes into building a healthy meal that supports fat loss you'll find yourself forever yo-yo dieting and that's not where anyone wants to be. 


Anyone can give you a meal plan, I want to give you the tools to get started so you can eat the foods that you enjoy and that support your goals, FOREVER!


This Fat Loss Forever Meal Plan Generator includes:

  • The proper portion sizes for fat loss
  • A video on how to build a balanced plate so that you don't have to give up ANY food group
  • Grocery Lists
  • Meal Planning Template
  • Sample recipe ideas
  • And more!


You can literally take this template and use it to make as many delicious and fat loss friendly meals as you want, and feel empowered because you know HOW to do this on your own! 

Fat Loss Meal Plan Generator

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