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Turkey Taco Bowls

Turkey Taco Bowls

Taco bowls might be the most versatile meal prep meal you can make! There are so many different ways to change up the flavors, protein, veggies, and toppings! I’ll tell ya how I made these for the hubby then I’ll give you extra options on how you can change them up! ⁣

👉Cooked some white rice in the instant pot⁣

👉Drained a can of black beans and threw some on top with some shredded carrots (yay for veggies)⁣

👉Cooked some lean ground Turkey with taco seasoning and added a few ounces to each bowl⁣

👉Topped with shredded Mexican cheese, cilantro, and salsa⁣

Other additions or substitutes:⁣

👉Use brown rice, Mexican rice, or caulirice⁣

👉Use pinto beans or refried beans⁣

👉Add in fajita veggies if you want⁣

👉 Sub one serving of queso for shredded cheese (there are dairy free versions of this as well!)⁣

👉Use ground beef, ground chicken, or grilled chicken in place of ground turkey⁣

👉Add pickled jalapeños, guac, sliced avocado, pico, or even sour cream or FF Greek yogurt to the top! ⁣


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